Welcome ! So glad you stopped by.  I'm Ellen, portrait photographer, twin sister, caregiver to my precious mom, believer, traveler, and former international elementary educator.  I've been around the world and back and feel gratefulness for the freshness of coastal sea air, the nearness of family, and the freedoms I enjoy being HOME.

north Carolina Family Photographer

Hey !  I'm Ellen


-  ZOOM meetings
-  iPhone upgrade glitches
- lost luggage at the airport 
- no cream for my coffee. . . 
- avocado on anything
- fish on pizza, oh please no
- good-byes
- hurricane evacuations


- hot mocha any time of the day
- handwritten letters in the mail from good friends
- sitting on my sister's porch in Louisiana
- being first in line to a great estate sale
- antique wooden Schoenhut dolls
- "Smilings my favorite!" - ELF
- kids learning cursive
- calm low tides


a Little Retro Carolina Culture

at HOME in the South  

This is probably my favorite of any full family photo I have.  I'm the youngster in pink.  I had on my favorite RED Mary Jane shoes, something you get away with when you are six. Oh, and my brother on my right is my twin!

Raised in North Carolina I pronounce "aunt" as "ain't" when addressing my aunt due to my mom's family coming from the north central areas of NC. That knitted cap grandma made for winter with the knot on the top is called a "toboggan" (toe' bog-un) emphasis on "toe."  

I never liked grits until I got to eat them with shrimp.  My grandma made the best chocolate chess pie.  I miss her so much.